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Originally Posted by ecan View Post
I will absolutely buy you some beers if you can help me out! Do you think I should even consider doing this solo? I'm just a little concerned about getting lost, bike problems, hotels, travel permits into certain areas, not knowing how to speak Vietnamese at all.
I'm leaning towards hiring a guide since I really want to do as much off road riding as possible and I am assuming that most of the trails are not on maps.
Let me know what you think - my little sister is living in Hanoi as an expat - so I have a place to stay in the city. I would like to head out on May 1st - ride to Sapa and be back in Hanoi on May 6th.
I've been emailing around to various travel guides trying to figure out how to do this and not completely break the bank.
Any advice would be appreciated.
1.Doing solo: Yes, you can do with a very good bike.
2.Getting lost: No, if you follow some steps as below:
- Buy a Vietnam map in Hanoi, it cost about 10-12US$.
- Build a fixed itinerary (I can help you). Remember some key places on trip, it will be useful for asking locals
3. Bike problem:
- Rent a good bike
- Ask owner for spare part and tool (tube; tire; brake: cable, block, lever; clutch: cable, lever)
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