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Originally Posted by Jking View Post
Im looking at getting a 2009 gas gas 280. There are two im looking at, one of them is a txt 280 pro, and one is the 280 eco. Can anyone please tell me the difference between them? Im a beginner trials rider.

Mainly if both are EXACT same condition, Eco (economy) model is cheaper.

The Economy, and it varied year to year, was a cheaper "entry level" type bike built with "this year's engine" leftover frames, and older type rims, that were not used up in production and didn't go to just being "parts" for order...

Usually (just trying to remember/guess I could be way wrong on this amount?) saved a person $1500 or so on what a regular pro cost that year. each year you know they tool up for production, there is going to be parts that didnt get built into a bike. So they built a few each year with new "engines" only, everything else like exhaust, shocks, rims, tires, were leftover production items, from any of the past few years.

Good enough bikes... Especially if you (and even I dont) need all the Raga or "Racing" models upgraded options to ride...
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