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Originally Posted by PTRadam View Post
Didn't the Eco model have a cheaper grade of Suspension also? Maybe Steel fork legs instead of Aluminum? The Eco seems to be a good bike from what I have seen. There are a few around locally. If you're not an Advanced rider I'd think the Eco would be fine and you won't really know the difference.
Echo, was "Leftover" parts, I don't own one, could have steel forks. I wouldn't call it "cheaper" by any means that means crappier, and I am not saying you are... But is cheaper, just like that last year's design on just about anything, is usually cheaper (less demand?) this year.

FWIW, the 08 Raga prototype (it is the most expensive model at least in USA? And at least on the batch mine came to the USA in) the 300 Pro came with steel forks, out of the shipping crate. again as an ECO, it saved you some $, the forks were good enough even for me, and Raga himself (LOL).

I think some parts could be random each year, so I cant say I know what every little thing is, but the parts were good enough at one time to be sold on bikes in production, not long ago at least...

*** I never had the reason to ask, but dont you just buy the "tubless rubber rim band," buy a tubless tire for that rim? I know back in around 05, the Rim band was like $45, at least came with the valvestem. IMHO, to reduce stock of tube type tires, they probably saved a crapload $ on those tires they put on those bikes. What is a Michelin x-lite REAR cost this year? I didn't save up for one for this year, so I haven't even checked. I know Importer, is selling chinese X-Lites clones, for something like $75 picked up... seems the Michelins are probably $150 or so now?

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