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David began working on he gas problem right away. He had to do some re-plumbing because the 2.2 intake we had used (that came with the 2.2 head) did not have the same EVAP plumbing as the 2.5 that came with the car. So he moved all of the components and hooked everything up hoping that would solve the problem. Well, he was awoken at 2am to the smell of gas coming from his garage.

Which meant it was probably something else that was causing the odor or leak...but he did clear the Evap code we were getting

That meant he had to pull the tank, which basically involves removing everything underneath from the front doors back

He quickly realized that the "book" was wrong calling it a 3 hour job. Be he is persistent and once he dropped the tank, he did end up finding a small hole which came from a sheet metal screw that was screwed in through the floor (not it). The car always had the gas smell, so not sure why that screw was put in there by the previous owner(s). Of course, I did work on the car removing the interior while drunk so there is always that.....

Here's David pointing out the hole:

Here's David pointing out the hole after I asked him if he would have the car ready for pick-up this morning:

David is going to repair the hole and then throughly test the tank before reinstalling. He also picked up two new rear axles since since he had to remove the old ones anyway and they were looking bit tired. We now have the old ones as spares. David also noticed that the driveshaft joints were beginning to show some wear and he said if we could find a nicer one we could install it, but otherwise, it was fine and would be good to go for this year. Subaru does not have replaceable U-joints, you have to replace the whole two-piece driveshaft to the tune of about $400 bucks for a reman unit We'll get that worked out and he hopes to have the car back together soon.

Lookie here! Only 12 days until I leave Oregon, and only 16 days until race day!

Those are probably all unnecessary parts anyway....right?

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