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Originally Posted by thegraydog View Post
Sting, I've not liked the stories of various tech to seal up a spoke-holed rim to be tubeless, on bicycles or motos. But in any case my rear wheel had sloppy bearings and was out of round and true, and the new one is pretty!
Oh, hey... I wasn't bashing, nor was I "sure" if the non 'tubeless" rim was the same rim and all that as the 1st tubless design, that we all used since what, 96?

That old type wasn't a HUGE problem per se, if you did maintenance AFIK. We used that type for quite a while actually.

Yeah, the nipples rust up a little, when I changed tires I would dribble oil on each of the nipple bottoms... Couple of older bikes I helped work on, was really rusty/corroded leaked... We just wire brushed a while put the band back in with "tire goop" another I just glued on both SIDES of the band with thin coat of silicone (not the bottom that touches the spoke nipples) about that tire goop, he worked at local auto-Tire changing place, that stuff works great, not a mess like silicone, and all was good.

It was in 09 that we got the new D.I.D. no-rubber band type tubless (08 Raga is released before the 09's as a "preview" so to speak). I think they swapped from DID now, though they look the same? I havent checked.
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