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Originally Posted by Bbasso View Post
Since there seems to be a lot of people wearing SIDI boots...

Can you post which model of SIDI you wear.
Where you bought them from?
Price paid?
What type of use?

What you would change about them?
And if possible a picture of your SIDI?

What size sneaker do you usually wear and what size boot did you get?

Reason why I'm asking, I'm about a week from buying a boot and leaning towards the SIDI Charger Boots.
They will be for DP use...

Old thread but what the heck...

Aerostich Combat Touring Boots, made by Sidi for RiderWearhouse.

Bought a size 8.5 and it fits perfectly, same as my sneaks in the same size.

Caught them on sale several years ago and paid ... something like $289 plus shipping.

Pro's - a tough multi-purpose boot, meaning they are suitable for the light off road I do, for any of the pavement riding I do, and for occasional yard work.

Con's - the dang things are heavy, took forever to break in, and are heavy. They are stiff and for a while any new owner of these boots walks like a drunker sailor. It took me a while to feel shifting was natural and unstrained. Did I mention that they took forever to break in?

Seriously, I was about fed up with them and thinking of selling and going another direction when I did a couple of days yard work in them, including walking on my sloped residential lot pushing my trim mower. The flex motion of walking and straining while working hillsides and grades helped "tip" them enough towards broken in that I decided not to take the loss on a sale. After the various break-in trick and several thousand miles of riding the DR and the Wing they are no longer a distraction while shifting.

What would I change? Two things -

First, as soon as I got them I did the waterproofing routine with the stuff they sell at RiderWearhouse. If I had it to do over I would forget that and spend the first year working with a good quality black shoe polish to soften and oil the leather. That, I think, would enhance the break-in and besides - the thickness of the leather means it is going to have to be a prolonged torrent for one to get wet in these boots.

Next, the moto-cross type sole that I ordered was a huge disappointment. Since I had ridden with the boots and gotten them dusty I did not feel I could send them back in good faith for an exchange. And the funky peach colored tone of the heeled sole that can be purchased as a replacement did not do anything for me. So I had a local cobbler shop remove the moto type sole and install a Vibram cleated sole. I've been happy with that.

The pictures are from over a year ago.

Boots --

Soles --
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