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The trailer worked great, beds were very comfortable. Really no complaints other then the heater but really didn't get cold in the trailer to make it bad.

It got down to the mid 40's at night and with a blanket on top of my sleeping bag and a hooded sweatshirt I was never cold but would have been nice to have it a touch warmer inside.

I think the mattress makes a big difference because it is like having extra insulation below you, my friends in the trailer next to me slept on cots and didn't make it through the night, they ended up in there pickup and ran the heat off and on all night.

We did use this to warm up the trailer but didn't feel comfortable sleeping with it on, says it needs 2sq.inches for ventilation (which I have) and an automatic shutdown if it senses low oxygen but am not sure I want to be a test dummy if it doesn't work. It does heat the trailer fine but does give off an odor.

I slept with ear plugs in and what a difference! I wake up to every noise (and there are a lot in pits throughout the night) when sleeping at the track and I didn't hear a thing so had a good night sleep for once.

So aside from the heater issue I was very happy with everything and was comfortable all weekend long! Trailer pulled great, we did close to 700 miles this weekend with freeway driving at 75mph to West Virginia dirt roads and the trailer didn't miss a beat.
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