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A few pics and comments, Luke can weigh in later with a more full report.

This Saturday morning a very good friend and someone who has helped on many projects over the years came by for the day to work on my vintage twin. As Randy is 6'5", It ocurred to me that it might be interesting to have him sit on the CBRZ-650 for perspective;

Looks like it was made for him!

We got to work on our project and a little later Luke and Corey rolled in and got right to work. I must have been awfully preoccupied, it seemed like in no time I turned around and all that was left of Luke's bike was a pile of parts;

They did some welding on Luke's bike and even jumped into do a bit of creative metal work on my frame;

Then they got busy cleaning, grinding and sanding on Luke's frame and all the various parts he had fabricated or modified in order to give them a few coats of paint;

If your wondering what Luke has in his hands, it's a can of paint and heat gun;

Corey painting a myriad of exotic hand built parts;

Looking forward to seeing the bike painted and all put back together!
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