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so where did i leave off?? oh yeah, continuing on bloody basin rd. i gain elevation quickly and the scenery changes a bit.

i really like this area because you are right at the zone where its changing from lowland desert to high desert and grassland. on these mesas you get acres of grasses, pinion pine and juniper. the wife doesnt care for it but i think its my favorite landscape.

i was down there

desert is in bloom, and green with recent rains

been on my plan to find an old cabin from a long forgotten small ranch, along the way i find this one. if its easy access its usually beat down. but still, cool to see

hey fat finger!

it was a rough one, but a fun one. waaaay back in there and down some steep canyons. its worth it though, the harder to get to the better shape there in, someone has been using this and still is. they werent there for my visit but i saw fresh tire tracks and footprints, and everything inside food wise was good and recent.

not so private private time

cant be shy about rapid elevation changes or shelf roads, the tiger is up there lookin at me.

this popular road takes you right through the great western trail

someone WAS having a good w/e

thats it for this time,, to be continued
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