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Originally Posted by dog'meat View Post
Anyone can offer a plausible thesis about WTF these bikes come out with this shitty suspension in the first place.?
The anwser is, it is not shitty. Its designed to try and cover a range of uses and be ok for all, its made by white power and they are a pretty good manufacturer of suspension.
I bought my bike and just rode it and still do, yep I am a fat fecker and could probably do with slightly stiffer front springs but they are ok for the use I put the bike to, but to be honest they are really pretty good.
Now my use is mostly good tarmac roads, loaded up with luggage, I am sure that if I was to do a lot of heavy off road, I might need to change somthing but they were not designed for that. The suspension is more than up to the job and I am not easy on it.
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