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Originally Posted by McNeal View Post
If you look back a few posts you might notice that I stated I've got an unusual situation. I've got a profound hearing loss and wear hearing aids. For watching TV, playing games, or just listening to music I've got a device that wireless distributes the sound to my hearing aids. This means that noise from a computer wouldn't bother me and such noise might have the added benefit of keeping others out of my TV room.

I need to do some more research into the Home Theater space and then ask questions on the avsforum.

So, any rumors on Fallout 4?
Saw that. Just figured that burning an 850+w power supply to run a GTX680 and a ripping proc wasn't the best plan to watch your ripped copy of "Four Weddings And A Funeral."

Horses for courses. HTPCs are small and quiet and draw little power, in general. Gaming rigs are the opposite. Your HTPC won't play games like a full-built rig will, and if you want to do both, you build the rig and shoehorn it into the HTPC role. So it burns more power than your TV to idle while you stream video off of it. It also won't sit unobtrusively next to a TV, which you'll need if you plan to use it to time-shift off-the-air programming. (Or some way to get the antenna/cable feed onto the PC, and record it, then some way to play it back out to the TV.)

Lots to discover over at avsforum. You can lose days there.
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