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Originally Posted by McNeal View Post
If you look back a few posts you might notice that I stated I've got an unusual situation. I've got a profound hearing loss and wear hearing aids. For watching TV, playing games, or just listening to music I've got a device that wireless distributes the sound to my hearing aids. This means that noise from a computer wouldn't bother me and such noise might have the added benefit of keeping others out of my TV room.

I need to do some more research into the Home Theater space and then ask questions on the avsforum.

So, any rumors on Fallout 4?

I can speak from experience that the home theater thing......ROCKS.

Even a ghetto setup like mine. A 9 or 10 foot screen and a recliner is a wonderful wonderful thing. With a little practice you can manage to operate a keyboard securely on one leg, and a mouse on an old laptop pad on the other.

If you've got windows in your room, some blackout curtains and a little velcro makes a great addition.
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