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Originally Posted by KungPaoDog View Post
I'm sure I'll get jumped all over for this, and I know I'm a bit late to the party, but why not get a used PS3? You can buy five to fifteen used PS3's for the cost of a decent gaming PC, and the PS3 won't ever need new hardware to play the latest game, or to just stay ahead of the curve. Any game you put in it will just work (after it downloads update for an hour), and you can still watch DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix/Hulu. I think it can even pull stuff from a media server.
Let me be first.

Skyrim and Fallout both play best on the PC and you can still use a game controller if that's your fancy. The PS/3 (and other consoles) eventually go out of support and then become obsolete. The new games won't work and you'll end up doing your own repairs on a device that wasn't designed to be repaired.
I'm done.
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