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Originally Posted by jpcussen View Post
So, when I saw the bike and all the hype I immediately thought about the drop in clearance and having a 990R wondered how much difference the drop in clearance would impact damage to the bike. Lots of assurance from KTM that its a non-issue... I cant help but laugh, and I am not sure if anyone else has noticed, but even in the KTM 1190 Promo Ads it clearly shows a new 1190 with damage already to the header... looks almost flattened in that section. I check on some other images of new 1190's on the showroom and the pipes are perfectly round... so its not a fancy bit of compression or a bomber on the head... check it out below... I have never had a love bite there on the 990
Yeah, it was discussed previously in this thread. Looks like if you're good with Photoshop you won't have denting issues
Seriously, you cant' compare 990R vs 1190R clearance but is in the ballpark of the standard 990, and with a proper bashplate the 1190R won't be that bad.

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