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Originally Posted by Jonnylotto View Post
Let me be first.

Skyrim and Fallout both play best on the PC and you can still use a game controller if that's your fancy. The PS/3 (and other consoles) eventually go out of support and then become obsolete. The new games won't work and you'll end up doing your own repairs on a device that wasn't designed to be repaired.
i can see this argument, but the PC game isn't any cheaper, and the PC system is quite a bit more expensive. lets say you have a PS3 for 250 dollars and it is good to run games for 4 years. I don't see any way that the same price PC system would (A.) have similar specs and (B.) still run new games for the same amount of time. Nor, with a PC do you have to in any way be tech savy. if you can turn it on and select yes, you are good to go with a console.
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