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Originally Posted by seuadr View Post
i can see this argument, but the PC game isn't any cheaper, and the PC system is quite a bit more expensive. lets say you have a PS3 for 250 dollars and it is good to run games for 4 years. I don't see any way that the same price PC system would (A.) have similar specs and (B.) still run new games for the same amount of time. Nor, with a PC do you have to in any way be tech savy. if you can turn it on and select yes, you are good to go with a console.
Not when released but they have more sales, especially on DLC's.

A good example is during the holiday season which is when I stock up on games for the coming year, they go on a huge sale for black Friday (about half off) on the console BUT you need to buy those within the first minute or you miss out. For PC games the sales last a few days, and happen other times as well.
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