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Originally Posted by UnderNewOwnership View Post
Actually, they are. Gamersgate, Gamefly, Greenmangaming, GoodOldGames etc. have all sorts of sales (weekend sales, midweek sales, coupon rebates, themed sales etc.). You can save some serious m00la. True, in some cases (GMG, GF) you need their client, but it isn't that much of a hassle if you're already familiar with Steam.
comparable games? cause sure, there are a TON of inexpensive PC games, but it isn't always an apple to apple comparison.

looking at gamers gate the prices are fairly comparable to console games for popular games like far cry 3, borderlands 2, call of duty, battlefield 3, etc.

now, it isn't even arguable that PC gives you access to MUCH MORE when it comes to quantity of titles.
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