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Originally Posted by bumbeen View Post

I can "work up" to a full lock turn on my bike by turning and slowly making it tighter over a full circle or two, but I cannot immediately just jump into making a turn that tight from moving in a straight line. This makes it difficult to execute u-turns on demand. If I want to make a u-turn on the street I almost always run wide, but if I am in a parking lot, I can usually get my turning radius down to a parking space + one half ~15'. That should be plenty tight enough for any road but I cannot seem to execute it without a good bit of warmup.

Are there any drills or tips for doing this "on command"? I always feel like I am going too fast at 8mph, even though that should be fine.
I find that I CAN do u-turns now on two lane roads. It helps a lot to use some light pressure on the rear brake (only the rear) to help control the bike. real well for me.
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