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Originally Posted by tonymorr View Post
I wonder if we might ask what your current or past bikes are? Everyone is different but I have always found that when I sit on a bike straight up my lower back bothers me after a while. I've always been more comfortable on a bike where my arms help support my weight somewhat. At least on longer rides.

Mostly cruisers, touring bikes, and dual sport bikes. I currently ride an '02 Kawasaki Vulcan 750, and just sold a 1500 Goldwing (just to big) Both are extremely comfortable. I also have a Yamaha XT225, and raised the bars 2" to make it fit properly. The pegs are a little to far back, but not bad. Many XT225 owners remove the passenger pegs if they do not plan on carrying a passenger, but I kept mine, so I can switch back and forth on the road to relieve leg cramps.

I bought a brand new '09 EX500 Ninja at a killer closeout price. I thought I would be ok with it, but wasn't. I installed 1 1/2" risers, bars were still way to low. I had serious arm, shoulder, and neck pain, and leg cramps, from having my legs (34" inseam) scrunched up underneath me. I put less than 5000 miles on it in 3 years, and finally sold it.

I understand the low bar/rearset peg position for handling, but I just can't tolerate it for any length of time.

I recently put over 500 miles on the Vulcan, and only got off once. I filled the tank from the seat. I was slightly sore, but no real pain. The EX500 was killing me after 100 miles.
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