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Originally Posted by seuadr View Post
i dunno, my wife picks up several games each year for the ps3 on black friday mostly for Christmas presents, i rarely buy a new game for myself. doesn't make sense if you don't plan online a lot, as in a month it will be in the game stop at half price or less used and it feels like a new game to me.

from an entry level standpoint cost, though, i can't see how a computer would play out favorably to a console. i've seen single components to a PC system cost as much if not more than an entire console.

and if you buy a console new from someplace like best buy, you can get a 3-4 year warranty. I had an xbox 360 with a ring of death, traded it in on warranty and walked out with a better xbox 360 with larger hard drive, new controller and a new game plus a brand new warranty for the difference in price.

for my purposes, i can't imagine going back to a graphically intense PC experience in the near future.

Like I said earlier in this thread, I put together a midlevel gaming rig about 5 years ago for 1100-1150. (no monitor) Since then, I've added another stick of RAM, that's it. It still screams on the latest games mentioned with no lag at all.

Not to mention the utility of having the comp in general to do everything else and no fighting over the TV with the wife.....

/shrug apples and oranges

I think that PC gamers get more respect than console gamers, because the latter are much more associated with teenagers, etc. PC gaming involves a level of tech know-how that is completely non-existent in the console crowd. (for the average user) The price of entry is simply $$....whereas the PC gamer does research, compares, and often builds his machine.

And thus, the debate rages on.....
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