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Thanks for this. It's good to have a real world verification of BMW's weight claims.

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Just for s---s and giggles, we weighed my Dad's LC today. This was done on an analog bathroom scale, one wheel at a time, with the bike perfectly balanced on it. Front was 258, rear 255. Bike was full minus 78 miles at 45 MPG (US), so I figure 10lb more fuel could be added (1 2/3 gallons at 6lb/gal). Total curb weight is thus 523lb (give or take due to bathroom-scale accuracy).

This is a "Premium" trim level bike, cast wheels, ESA, heated grips, both seats + stock rear rack in place, and the OEM Nav IV mount (but without the Nav IV on it). No farkles added/removed. No bags.

My '11 TB with ESA, Touratech Nav IV setup, BMW crash bar (lower only), and laced wheels weighs 540 full of gas.

I think that crash bar is about 6 it seems to me for ESA bikes...the LC is lighter. My old bike, (a fully loaded non-ESA '08) was 512lb.

That "525lb" number they quote seems to be for an ESA bike...unless the ESA just doesn't weigh any more than the stock suspension. Bear in mind the LC does not have a front preload adjustment motor for its ESA, which I'm guessing are relatively heavy.

The hardest part of the whole deal was getting two GS' into the bathroom.
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