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We got through three maps last night. my boy was happy to see studio. It was one of his favorites before. I'm just wading in to these games and never played the old one, but I like it.
Vertigo is really good, magma we didn't play long enough to get a good feel for. It still has me pretty confused.
Best part of it for me...... When playing on new maps, my number of kills and my kill death ratio were better than the boys.

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Haha! Took about 30 minutes for me, I think. I actually started the process then went and are dinner, so I don't know how long it took.

So far I like Encore, Studio is the exact same as Firing Range from the first Black Ops ( not a bad thing ). Vertigo I am not sure of just yet, I have not worked out a good feel for it. I don't remember what the forth is called, I may not have played it yet. Overall, it may be a pretty decent upgrade.

The new zombies stuff is supposed to be good as well, but I don't play the zombies mode much if at all

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