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Originally Posted by Jonnylotto View Post
One example: Lego Games are one of my favorite and don't have a high system demand. @release they're usually priced 2nd tier, which means $49 for consoles, $39 for Wii and $29 for PC. They'll be $19 for PC long before being discounted for consoles. For mainline titles they may all release at the same price but I guarantee the PC versions get discounted first and faster.

Fallout. Incredible game. You can tweak it down to play on an older PC. Same with Crysis and Skyrim. You get the same game play, you just don't get 32x AA and water and fog effects.

My next door neighbor has my old Dell 4550. It's been running continuously since 2003 He's only upgraded the video card once, when the old one burned out. It still plays all the games his kids want to play. I dare say I could get Fallout 3 to play on it. Painfully slow maybe but it would still play. I'd like to see you get a Wii game to play on an N64 or better yet, Golden Axe in it's original cartridge to play on any current console.

A PC is like a motorcycle. No matter how old or new you get on it and ride. The old ones work just as well as the new ones.

A PS/3 is a train. It may go faster than a motorcycle. It may even run longer than a motorcycle. But, in the end it has to go where the track goes.
I wish!

Now I've got the music from the 1st level stuck in my head.....thanks.
Motorcycles save lives

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