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thx mung and right on.. Bike is a 2010. Rear shock was completely serviced in the fall, it has a racetech nitrogen cartridge in it instead of the stock valving system. Rear feels awesome right now and hasn't needed any work other than fresh nitrogen and fluid...

The only issue I'm "feeling" right now (and I remember you had some good comments about this) is it appears to be about .48 or .46 springs up front, and then the PDS-4 in the rear which is a 8.5kg to 11. The rear spring came from the back of my RFS bike and felt great on this bike, possibly even under-sprung on underneath my 235 lbs.

When I switched it over to the 2010 I was aware of the leverage ratio change and the same spring feels much stiffer. It actually feels pretty good, and I'm happy with it, but it also feels like it is driving too much into the front suspension. Some of it might be me, some of it might be getting used to the new style frame with different front steering handling (and I really like the precision of the handling), and some might even be setting the rear sag lower. So that's what I've done as of right now as the next step, basically drop the rear sag in the rear to see what happens. I'm also considering going to stiffer front springs like a .50 or .52 possibly to see if that helps, and/or finally going to a lighter spring in the rear. I remember you were saying the PDS-4 was good under your weight on the later bikes?

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