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Originally Posted by warp9man View Post
Had a rough weekend. The plan was to ride out to wendover via lucin, all was good until we tried to cross the flats just before wendover. The road looked dry and even had sections where sand was blowing across the road. Obviously there were sections of wet too. But overrall it didnt go as planned and we spent the night trying to dig ourselevs out of the mess I got us into. 2 burnt clutches, 2 broken low front fenders and mud that was like playdough.
I know exactly where you were. We hit it after a little rain. Immediately it was like we were sliding across a few inches of soft butter. The guy in front of me had on new Dunlop 606s and when I saw him suddenly with no control I knew we were in trouble.

My brother barely missed hitting me from behind. Other guys piled up. One broken rib, one cracked, and a handful of broken things on bikes. The guy on the green KLR said he bent his frame.

"Never get excited in a rally, its a race, but its never a race at that exact moment" -Quinn Cody
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