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Originally Posted by tburick View Post
I don't mind if you post the pics in other forums. Please feel free.

I've thought about starting a business designing and building scooter (and small displacement motorcycle) cargo trailers. I don't know if there's enough interest out there to keep such a company sustainable...because if I'd do it, it would be a full time venture...I have no interest in pursuing it part time. I'm an all-or-nothing kind of guy

I think the bigger issue might be cost. In the age of made-in-China junk, where everything is cheap, cheap, trailers might not be viable because of the cost. That's my biggest concern.

In my mind, my trailers are rolling art...I spend a huge amount of time on the aesthetics...(make no mistake, they are equally functional)...but the aesthetics are paramount to me. There's a ton of time an materials that go into each one.

Even if I designed a few standard models and "mass produced" them in small quantities, they'd still be $900 - $1,000...and I wouldn't be buying a Mercedes with the profits...

I recently designed a cost-reduced, open frame scooter cargo trailer that looks cool and could sell for $600 - $700. Not quite as "WOW" as the other ones, but a pretty damn cool trailer in it's own right.

Because my trailers are all one-offs, I've probably got $1,200 - $1,300 tied up in each one in time / materials. As a scooter enthusiast, I have no problem dropping a grand+ on a trailer. I've got myself convinced that I'm the only guy out there that would do that. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

Would any of you drop a grand on a beautiful, functional trailer for your scoot or small displacement motorcycle? If not, what is your price threshold? I am just looking for ANY reason to start a scooter cargo trailer
The factory Rokon trailer is $1000 and is off road only, so yes, some people (myself included) would buy. But you are correct that low volume, custom work isn't going to generate millions in profit.

But as a hobby business, it might work.
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