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Got the boat out of storage today and started the "sprucing up" process. It was a hot, humid, windy day in the Tropical Tip. Late this afternoon, I got a call from our local boat-stuff store, letting me know the bottom paint I ordered was in. I told my wife, "I'm going to take the scooter to get the paint."

She decided to come along. I told her the wind was gusting (the weather weasels were saying gusts to 40 mph), and she might want to sit this one out. Nope.

It was gusty, alright. Hot and humid, too. It wasn't much, but I knew this was going to be my only "scooter content" for the day. We swung by Wally World for some painting supplies and wax; then to the boat-stuff store for the paint. The under-the-seat storage swallowed it all up.

One of us, and I'm not mentioning her name, was less than enthralled with the gusty conditions, and occasional blowing dirt. Hey, it isn't all ice cream stops and lunch out... I was a sweat-ball after scrubbing down the boat. But, the scooter break felt good.

We live in a gated area; you have to pass by a guard shack on the way in. Owners' vehicles have a decal on them... normally, the guard on duty gives you a wave as you drive through (yes, we have the decals on the PCX windshields). This afternoon, the female security person waved enthusiastically, gave us a big broad smile, and said, "Those look like fun!"

"Yep, they sure are!"
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