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Originally Posted by dalehazelton View Post
I have to say that in a headwind or a side wind the bike is ALL over the place. That's disappointing, and I felt like it would be a touch more stable than the DR200 due to the higher weight, but I guess the taller height comes into play. I also felt that since the motor was derived from the CBR250 that it would have a bit more on the top end than it does. Knobby tires may have something to do with it, I think the Shinkos that are more street oriented would help me out. Gotta remember we're talking 250cc's here, so I'm pretty impressed with the bike overall. Although it is weird that the NC700X gets pretty much the same gas mileage. I still like the idea of fewer cc's hauling my butt around and not having to pull over to let cars pass - I did do that on the DR200.
Insurance is probably less than it would be with the NC700x
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