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Cobin aint worth the money in my opinion..

Not sure if i ever posted a picture of my seat i made? Im still young, but i have a problem with my tailbone going numb, and my "BAG" gettin sore or numb if i ride all day long. Probably from crashign quads when i was younger...but who knows. Anyhow, what i did was i cut a 1" gap in the seat from front, to back..making a trough for my "areas" to kinda ride over top of.. This made a WORLD of difference for me. I to tried the corbin, and did not care for it AT ALL! as the others stated, it interfered with my offroad riding, and was SUPER uncomfortable with a passenger on the back. Also, i found it just plain felt funny... My petite little flat man bum sat within the contors of the seat, and just plain SUCKED for me. haha. but yah, about my seat..i tried it on a "junk" seat that came with the bike, and then tore apart GOOD ONE to modify the foam...this year i will have the seat cover put back on and it'll look just fine! (tried numerous methods of stappling, with multiple types of guns and staples, but still no dice...mine must be made outta something strange? haha. anyhow, good luck with the seat deal man!
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