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Originally Posted by Rob Dirt View Post
Seriously looking for input.

I asked a local if he wanted to go to the AR500. He said yes. About 10 days before we were to leave I had a pinched nerve in my back that was giving me a lot of pain & I warned him I may need to truck to AR. Well, my back was OK & we rode 12hrs up to AR. The first day of riding the Ozarks my back started up again. I had to cut the ride short at the lunch stop. He chose to go with me. The second day, I suggested that he should go without me. I went ahead & joined the group ride anyway & had to quit at 2:00. Him & another guy went back to camp with me. The third day, I told him I could not go on the ride & I may go home if I didn't feel any better after some rest. He went on the ride & I stayed to rest. After an hour or so, my muscles got real stiff & I could barely move. I had a very loud voice in my head saying "go now, or call wifey to come & get you". I listened & rode straight home. Only stopping for gas when I was on fumes. Now, the guy I rode up with is pissed because he feels like I left him.

Am I an asshole for leaving? Should I have risked not making it home just so he could ride home with me?
So why'd you have to go and make our little spat public?

Seriously, good seeing you again. Glad you were able to ride some and made it home OK. I didn't envy your ride back.
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