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Originally Posted by vicvegas View Post
Hey blk tiger, so you used to own a scram but changed to the tiger 800? I'm guessing the Tiger is really just better at pretty much everything (highway touring, off road, more power, better suspension,) do you regret the switch? I'm looking at both of these bikes now as one will more than likely serve as my next bike. I find myself wanting the Scram but i feel like in the real world the tiger would be a better choice. what are your thoughts?
Ciao Vic,
I had a Tiger 800 too, bought when my Scrambler was "on working", sold when finally the Scrambler was "ready to rumble".

Tiger it's REALLY a GREAT BIKE, but without soul (IMHO)... Scrambler it's... it's....... Scrambler it's MY BIKE, "il mio ferro" ;)
I sold the Tiger one year ago, and I don't regret anything! :-)

Now I'm ready to start for the Turkey: I wouldn't use any bike than my old Scrambler ;)
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