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Independence Day 2009. Playa Herradura

Playa Herradura is a very nice beach at the Northern end of what is considered the Central Pacific coastline. At this time I had recently met what was going to be my future wife and one random day she said “Vamos a la playa.” I quickly found a way to justify the trip; it was the 4th of July, independence day and I am free to do as I want. Done deal, we’re gone!

We got a later start than one would like since it was a spur of the moment decision. We packed the needed clothing, made some samiches and we were off, over the mountain. It is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to Herradura from the Central Valley/SJO area.

1524 we arrive.

If you hit the beach and go left, you are hanging with the locals.

If you go right, you are in the enclosed and sheltered resort lifestyle of Los Sueños. Mega Yacht marina, golf course, hotel, overpriced beer, etc…

You can have it. I am fine with my hammock, two palms, $1 beers, and a nice little dark skinned girl that ain’t too bad on the eyes or have an "hourly rate" (IMHO).
Without further adieu, here is how we spent the afternoon.

1825 After we " 'ed" enough packed up and took off into the night.

Few days later I had the crash in the above photos

Still alive and I am now married to that little morenita!

More later.
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