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You know after reading that the guy on the bike did decide to let the dog and its owners manage his safety.
The river trail bike path I use quite often has lots of everybody.

I've had to avoid squirrels, dogs, ducks geese turtles and one un-identified large fourlegged mammal in the dark/dusk/dawn. Along with waddling tipsy walkers/stumblers, runners, fallers, cops on bikes, motorcycles, horses and cars.
One fire truck. Guy hit a telephone pole that is right at the apex of a curve and only about 18-inches in diameter. Nice direct full speed hit. So much for riding a bicycle like you operate an SUV.

No airbag.
My favorites are the bouncing dogs on those reel leashes, let out in toll mode.
We call this trolling here in the OC, because there are things out there in the brush that will eat a dog. And those things are not homeless this is in fact their home. several people lose dogs this way ignoring the 5-6 foot leash rules posted and explaining how that skin and bones coyote will easily eat your big tough terrier/whatever.

What I have had to avoid the most are dog walkers/runners with the reel leashes who tend to let out a little more than ten fifteen feet of line; I suppose that keeps the bait from under foot.
sometimes they reel in when they happen to notice other people in their world. Sometimes not. When faced with a dog on a long leash, I slow down move to the side of the path and sometimes stop well ahead of the meeting point. This also gives me time to get some of that plastic bike between me and the bait, just in case the bait is not happy about others in his world.
Yes, this can put a bind on my Strava time, but I can always ride it again another day. And it saves a face plant. I'm old and have actually learned a few things over the years. One of those is that it is far easier to avoid this sort of thing than to attempt to sort it all out after. And more importantly I hjave figured out that at my advanced age, I no longer bounce so good.
I've checked. Nope still not that great at bouncing, (checked last weekend but that was beach sand so more of a dead-blow than any chance at bouncing..)

Still how a court can decide a dogs owners clearly not in control of the dog are somehow not responsible for any damage the uncontrolled dog may cause is a bit much. So if the uncontrolled dog jumps on the hood of certain appellate court judges car and scratches the hell out of it the owners are not responsible.
It's on the judge to fix the hood of his Ferrari.
I think I see a judge that needs a boot in the ass from the common sense side of the aisle.

I'm surprised the courts decision didn't read: "Dude the dog was just doing what dogs do man."

the dog abides.

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