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Originally Posted by MaestroPNW View Post
I was about to get myself an HF tire changer only to discover that it is discontinued.
What is my next cheapest alternative? Ebay is full of HF replicas, but I'm somewhat confused, as some of them list tire size up to 16.5'' while very similarly looking units claim to go all the way up to 25;;.
For instance - - claims 25'' - claims 16'' looks pretty much the same.
Besides ebay, what can I get without going into ~$500 range?

I'm sure this has been beaten to death, please kindly recycle electrons :)
The first link is just for the top part only. Their title even says "no base" which means the bottom portion isn't included in that auction. That's why the bottom half of the tire changer is sort of greyed out because you aren't buying that part, although you do need it to be able to use the top part. They are 2 separate pieces, but both are required for MC tires. That also explains why you see a difference in description on what they can do.

The 2nd link appears to be the full combo with both parts of the tire changer which you need to do motorcycle tires. The bottom part is only good up to about 16" or so and then the top portion which I know can do 21" tires, and probably 23" tires. In the 2nd link, their main description is mostly about the lower half of the tire change which changes like trailer type tires and maybe small car tires. The top half is explained in the side margin under this.

Overall both top parts look the same and exactly like the HF tire changer, so they should work.

X5101 - The Motorcycle Tire Changer Attachment

7-1/2 Diameter x 3/16 Thick Wheel Rest Plate
(4) 1/2 predrilled holes for mounting
15-3/8 x 18-1/2 Base
BTW, I owned a HF Tire changer for 10+ years. I finally sold it late last year when I upgraded to the No-Mar Tire changer; The classic or what ever the lowest model is. I actually bought it at the IMS show in Atlanta. The HF gets the job done, but the No Mar is super nice.
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