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Originally Posted by opticalmace View Post
Noob here, did my first ride on some quiet roads.

How the heck am I supposed to see behind me? I end up looking at my arms in the mirrors most of the time.

This works for me with any mirrors:

Aim your mirrors so that they reflect mostly from the lane next to you with only the inner 10-15% reflecting your arms. An overtaking car should be entering your peripheral vision just about the same time it disappears from your mirror.

When your mirrors are set like this, you won't be able to see as well straight behind you. The trick is to use the correct mirror depending on your position in the lane. If you are riding in the left portion of the lane, tuck your right elbow in and look in your right side mirror. If you are in the right portion of the lane,tuck the left elbow and use the left side mirror.

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