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Must be nice to ride where the roads actually have shoulders!

When I lived in Wyoming I used to ride all over the State as I travelled for work and always took that nice wide escape strip for granted. Even the roads in Grand Teton and Yellowstone had great shoulders (still dangerous, though, because the tourons were looking at the critters or scenery and not the roads). Now I live in rural Virginia where there really are no shoulders, period, on any roads except the busiest two-lanes and the Interstate. Even the Blue Ridge Parkway, an absolutely glorious place to ride, has zero shoulders - cross the white line and you're in the ditch. The really rural roads are like 1.5 lanes wide with not even a center line. Gets a little hairy at times...

FWIW, I've found that the most dangerous time to ride out here is around noon on Sundays when all the old folks are out in their cars for the weekly trip to church (there are churches EVERYWHERE out here!) and lunch with their friends. It gets downright scary being on a 1.5 lane wide twisty hilly road with a bunch of deaf and blind 90 year olds driving their 1970's American Heavy Metal tanks around.

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