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Originally Posted by DaveRMS View Post
Here's what I've been doing for wheel weights lately...

Remove the tire and tube/mousse. Remove rim tape/strip. With rimlock installed, balance the wheel by placing normal stick-on wheel weights INSIDE the dish of the rim. When balanced, remove rimlock and cover the weights and the entire dish with duct tape (instead of rim strip). Install rimlock and mount tube/tire as usual.

This way you won't lose the weights, and you never have to worry about them again. It gets pretty close and I haven't noticed changes after tire changes.

That's a great idea. I just run two rimlocks on the rear wheel (dirt), one up front and have never even noticed any vibrations or anything. No rimlocks on my street wheels and no balancing issues either. Lucky or happy idiot, dunno, but have never had any issues.
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