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Originally Posted by lobolator View Post
Just wanted to say thanks for this thread, it gave me the idea that I could ride my KLX250 2000+ miles, all for a long weekend of post winter warm weather in Folly Beach, South Carolina.
Was going to take the car and haul the bike, dog, surfboard, and bicycle...but the car broke down. Faced with a repair bill that would negate my ability to go south, I found a dog sitter, put some Shinko 705's on the bike, changed the oil, loaded up, and went!
Two and half days down, four days there, and 2 1/2 days back...totally worth the sore butt.
The trip down was very windy, I got blown around a lot. It only bothered me on some of the taller bridges, but did add to my fatigue.
The 1/2 days were the first and last days. I started in the White Mtns of NH and rode to a friends in Boston as a shakedown. I ended up dropping some gear there, a good choice as my cockpit was a bit cramped.
From Boston, I rode to the state line of N. Carolina(a very long ride 7am to 1 am), where I slept on a covered picnic table for 6hrs. Up at 7am thanks to a rest area worker, I was off in 10 minutes. Only to realize I desperately needed coffee. Luckily I needed gas because my tanks is only 2 gallons. With coffee in me and gas in the bike I was back on the road and able to make dinner in Charleston SC, despite riding in rain for the last three hours and getting totally soaked. My stay included lots of family time, finding a new girlfriend, and lots of this...

If you can't go surfing, then go watch them surf.

The ride back was pretty uneventful, the weather was much more calm. From S. Carolina I managed to make it back to my father's house in Delaware(9am-10:30pm, a long day but not too long). After some hot stew and a beer, I fell into a bed. Another early start and I made Boston by 6pm, just in time for dinner, a shower, and to go out and see my host play in his Bob Marley tribute band, Duppy Conquerors(they are awesome btw, Sally O'Briens every Monday night, it's free!). Up before the rock star, as usual, I was off towards home to collect my dog and find some pain killers and ice packs for my shoulder.
Only things I'd do different is add a throttle lock of some kind, get a better seat, and a much bigger gas tank. But the throttle lock was really all I needed, my right shoulder was very sore after the trip.

And the final trip mileage at the last fill-up 10 miles from home.

Bike is a 2012 KLX250S with 16000 miles on it. I ride it everyday, all year(unless there is more than 4" of snow on the road, then the cage). Mostly ride to and from work (50 mile round trip), but I've also ridden it to the top of a few mountains on goat trails, it's a very competent off-roader. Great bike!
Next up is Chicago! Got to go see the girl! Just the motivation I need to try for the Iron Butt Saddlesore. I know the bike can do it, but not sure I can. Came very close on this trip, 900 miles in 24 hrs, but I slept and I didn't have a try for an IB planned. We'll see....
Good for you! Just pack it up and go. I ride all year round and rode PA to FL for bike week last month, on a scooter.
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