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Interesting build:

I used to ride single track on KTM's, and now that I am older I want to do more adventure riding but with an edge towards the woods. Times are tough for my business and I just can not afford a big KTM, both purchase price and maintenance costs.

There is not a bike made that fits the bill in a price range that is realistic for a bike that will be abused. $12k for an Adventure is just too much.

So.......... I have been toying with the idea of buying a used EXC with a bad motor and getting out the torches. The bike could lose an inch or two of height, cut the center section as necessary for whatever transplant I decide. I had a VFR750 years ago and I think that motor could work. Has to be a common motor so cheap parts are available, but I have just about given up on a factory ride, and I like to fabricate anyway.

I will be following the "Super" buildup with interest, thanks for sharing.

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