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Thanks guys. Its a bloody pain in the arse being laid up. I've been off the pain killers and home for a fair while now. It was one week in hospital and two weeks in rehab... then home.

Just before I got home, I got a phone call "your boat is sinking"... anyhow, its "in hospital" now... up on the slip being worked on. Let's just say its not proving to be a cheap exercise... and the whole show includes two new props. Arghh. I can't do any of the work myself either. I've been down to the yard a few times - on crutches or in the wheelchair... and was just itching to pick up some tools.

I ventured out to a local business dinner the other night. Upstairs of course. After catching my knee and giving it a sideways twist... I ended up sitting down and bumping down about 20 steps on my arse. So dignified.

I've started load bearing... using half crutches. There sure isn't much strength in that leg though. I've booked a ticket to Thailand for the middle of next month, to go to a mate's wedding... so that should be fun.
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