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If you have even some of the spring left you can make a replica.
I used to have to make springs for pocket watch lids when I was making a living as a Jeweler.
You can buy spring wire, all you need is the diameter of the wire and the length.
To make your own spring get the correct wire size and find a piece of round stock that is the same OD as the springs ID.
Cross drill a hole for the spring wire and insert the wire.
Now wrap the wire around the rod keep it tight by holding it tight against a piece of hardwood while spinning it.
I used my Flexshaft to spin it but a dremel or drill will work.
Make the spring longer than you need it to be, i.e. more windings, stretch it to match the original and cut it off.

(just found this site while looking for a wire source: )
I had an interesting scar on one arm for several years. It was a series of very fine, closely spaced parrallel lines running across the arm and extending towards the wrist.

I was winding a spring on a lathe. It was maybe 3/4" diameter and fairly stiff wire. I'd made an undersized mandrel to account for the spring relaxing after the wind. I had the lathe turning with my mandrel in place and was feeding the wire off a hand held spool. The length got right so I shut off the lathe and with the other hand I cut the wire leaving a long tail which was later to be fashioned into a hook. Dumb move. As the spring relaxed the wire whipped around a dozen times in an instant, cutting my arm every turn. I was plenty pissed off.

The spring I need is very small, very fine wire. It's also oversquare, short and fat. I'm going to try punching a disk out of the wall of some silicone tubing with a belt punch. If I get the right size it should work, and won't rust.

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