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Originally Posted by Murf2 View Post
Don't want to jack the thread but I've got a question. I've been thinking of a small trailer like that. Would it be possible to extend the tongue for a small bike like a DRZ & extend the rear for another small bike. That would balance pretty well. I need to haul 2 bikes & I don't really like ramping them up into the bed of the truck. The trailer would be much lower, easier to load. What do you guys think? How can a person tell if the frame could handle the weight? What should I look for? Any other ideas would be helpful.

Thanks, Murf
Look for a very substantial sub frame. Most little/light trailers are made to be little and light and they skimp on materials. I don't think I'd hang even a small bike off the back of my Casita without some serious modifications. That being said if you are clever or know a good welder the sub frame can certainly be beefed up on most trailers.

It's certainly doable, but I'd have to defer to "eyes on the job" to know if any particular trailer can handle such a thing. I'd say there probably aren't any that would do so without being beefed up a lot.

If you pull that off, I'd like to hear about it!
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