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Eek Authentic Paris Dakar Bike?

So there is a nice guy in my town who collects and sells old bikes. About 2 months ago i noticed something in the back of his shop. It was a Honda that said PARIS DAKAR on the tank and I immediately got woozy. I didnít have the money at the time to buy it but 2 months later (now) I do. The bike in the photo album linked below is suppose to be the same bike that I saw 2 months ago. But I cant find PARIS DAKAR anywhere on it now. Is this really a PARIS DAKAR Rally bike or just a XL650. Please tell me I plan to either buy it or pass it up this Friday. Also it has 71,000 miles on it, would you guys pay 2,000 dollars (U.S.) for it? I also took a photo of the VIN plate its in the album.
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