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Originally Posted by EvilClown View Post
Still beating the trailer tire thing to death... ...but only because I'd hate for anyone to go through what we did with ours.

'They' will tell you trailer tires have a much shorter lifespan mainly due to their being used less. Check them out very carefully. Consider replacing them regardless. In any event, keep the correct amount of air in them.

Nice looking rig you got there. It's gonna be a load of fun!
The tires looked good (they were parked where they did not see much sun), but I will take a better look at them.

Originally Posted by dwayne View Post
As for the WDH, for that setup just about any of them will be fine. The truck and hitch (assuming you aren't pulling on the actual bumper) is probably rated for 500lbs tounge, 5000 lbs total WITHOUT a WDH so a WDH hitch wouldn't have to work that hard, if the 600lbs are correct and there are already airbags, I would get fairly light spring bars espcially if you are going to be on rough roads. I would be far more concerned about the bike touching the truck in tight corners (like backing into a camp spot).
Still need to do more research on this, after the modification the tongue weight will be around 600lbs with the bike and the GTW will be around 3,300lbs
And yes I will make sure the bike will not be in-bedded in the truck or trailer if it is jack-knifed.

Originally Posted by hppyfngy View Post
Everything DWayne said. It's very dangerous especially for a single axle trailer to be too light on the tongue. Like he said plus it greatly increases the possibility of severe sway or fishtailing, which can lead to really catastrophic events.

Make sure your welder guy knows what he's doing to modify the tongue and definitely get n accurate weighing on it before you tow at highway speeds.
I onced (years ago) towed my Baja, less motor, but with the transaxle hanging over the back on my 3 railed trailer............all was good until I got up to speed on the freeway

And I have a few friends that are great fab guys, but I am taking the trailer to a place that specializes in modifying trailers to make sure it's done right, the trailer frame will be getting beefed up from the tongue to the rear bumper.
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