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so the Great Central Road it was...

Aub (OzBikeDude) had been thru about a week earlier and reported no problems....

I found the first 100-odd km to be a real pain..

maybe just because it was late in the day.. but the sand and corrogations were not pleasing me..

but being such a wide road you could 'sometimes' find a line that wasnt too bad...

but in general is was just a bumpy old ride...

came across a few grassfires along the way...

but it wad been a fairly long a physical day... about 6:15, i left the road to set camp...

i was only about 200 metres off the rd, but the spinifex, being so long was great cover..

the Scorpion Rally's were holding together nicely..

i waited for the sun to drop...


and then, once i figured you wouldnt be able to see smoke....made some..


it was just on 8am when i stuck my head out of the tent the next morning..

not a bad camp...

the sun was climbing slowly...

i had no idea where i'd be tonight... but figured it would be a 'ride till dusk day.. so i packed, rode back out to the road
and kept heading west...

first stop was Lasseter's Cave..

this is what its about...

for the middle of know-where it was surprising how often the scenery changed...

i was getting tired of bumps...

so i headed in to Docker River..

where i found people and fuel..
typical Aboriginal comunity... more dogs than people, more rubbish on the ground than in bins...

oh and wild donkeys in the street..

anyway... my dose of 'culture' for the moring i was gone again...

(with my fingers crossed it wouldnt rain....)

typical of the signs out here.... lock up your jerry-cans...

hmmm.. still got a way to go before i get to Kalgoorlie..

keep an eye out for funky camels...!

time to stretch the legs..

continuing on, i came over a rise and saw 2 headlights up ahead...

seemed to be something big (wide) behind it...

its right headlight was higher than its left which didnt make a lot of sense to me,

so i figured it must be a grader or something like that..

i got a bit closer, and saw the outline of a person run off into the grass on the left of the road..

i got that dodgy... 'is some-one gonna wave me down for help while someone else comes
out of the grass and donks me on the head' sort of feeling..

but then i got closer still ..

and then a came upon this..

they were going the same way as me... trailer rolled 2 and a half times then spun and flipped the bus...

the couple were scratched up a bit but ok...

it had only happened about 20 mins ago, but they had unloaded most of their stuff...

another car had been thru and was going to raise the alarm at the next town about 70km further on..

since they were ok, i left them, but said it i didnt see any police etc come past before i got to the next town, i'd pull in and make sure the alarm had been raised..

they had been on the road for 6 weeks and were on their way home to perth (due home the next day) not the best way to end a trip..

anyway, off i went, past replica Gunbarrel Construction plaques..

a police 4wd came past...thats good..

the cloud was building.. would it rain...?

one way to find out...!

i'd come into Giles, the shop was shut, but a sign said that there was a tour on at the weather station in an hour...

so i rocked out there, had some lunch,

looked at part of Skylab that crashed nearby..

looked at Len Beadell's Grader..

read a plaque

took a photo of some weather tower thingies..

poked about with some other weather stuff..

and then a fella came out and asked if i wanted to go on a tour..

hell yeah!

i was the only one there so off we went..

they make their own Hydrogen out here for the balloons (which are made in Finland btw...)

dont worry folks, this man is a professional!

and we're off...


and then a mosey around their monitoring gear...really bloody informative!

this thing measures hours of sunlight per day..

it burns marks into the piece of paper behind it....
(you can make out a burn mark right next to the glass sphere.. )

so after a bloody good tour, it was back to Giles to fuel up on 'Opal'..

and then back out onto the open road..

the rain had stayed away, but the cloud clver made for some real nice light..

about 6pm i pulled up to have a better look at some maps etc to work out where i was gonna pull up for the night..

and settled on this spot..

i got the fire goin and pulled of a panier to sit on...

shoulda brought me fold up stool with me... makes a hell of a difference having something to sit on at the end of the day..

another fine sunset..

and another cold night staring into a fire......

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