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Originally Posted by EricD10563 View Post
Thanks, I'm really enjoying this bike and if I can scrape enough money together oneday I would really like to add a second bike to the garage, one that's completely different like a GS.
Yawn...been there and doing it and I can say that it is truely boatloads of fun! Had a 2005 GS and sold it because it did not seem to do anything real well. It did everything good but the operative word is that it really did do ANYTHING. My Ultra has been down gravel roads and it handles that very well too but it isn't something I care to explore on the Ultra.

However, in all the years I had my GS I went exploring once and the rest of the time spent all my time on the road where it had less protection from the elements than a real tourer, the gearing is strange for a road bike, and 75 MPH + was not real good in the fuel economy area. So, I sold it and bought another road bike; one that was different enough from the Ultra to still make sense - my K1200GT.

Now if I feel like zipping along looking at the scenery and enjoying the sun, wind, and the smells I take the Ultra. If I want to fly and not care about stupid flowers I take the K1200GT. And, unlike the GS, this thing comes ALIVE at 75 MPH and growls like a hungry panther when you wind it up!

Someone once said that when a person has 2 bikes neither gets much use. Well, that is an opinion because when you have 2 that are dissimilar they become fun in their own rite. I have the K1200GT at work with me today but the Ultra may come with me tomorrow...depends on my mood!

Good luck, beautiful bike, and above all else, have fun with it!
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