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Originally Posted by sopascat View Post
I've just gotten home, working on putting things away.

Thanks so much to all of you for your concern and care.

So here's the story ....

I was heading to Kernville Friday night after work, to attend WARPED. Managed to leave the house by 6:15, gas in Mojave at 8:00. Heading north on the 14 just past Redrock-Randsberg Rd. I came up a hill and there was a truck, a big rig, making a u-turn on the road in front of me. I didn't even immediately register what I was seeing, what I saw was the reflector tape along the trailer. I went grabbed all the brake I could, slowed enough and cleared the truck, but lost control of the bike, and went down in the right side traffic lane. Think it took a minute, but I got to my feet, was trying to figure out how I'd get the bike up, when I realized there was traffic coming. They weren't able to see the bike as they got to the top of the hill in much time to avoid the bike, most of them managed to miss it, but one car hit the bike. I know for sure the rear wheel is broken, don't really know how much other damage.
I seem to be entirely unhurt, except for a few more that my usual aches and pains.
twas good to see you alive and smiling.
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