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Mine arrived this afternoon, I took it out on a ~200 mile ride tonight.

My first impressions:

Its MUCH lighter than the N103 its replacing. To be expected, of course, the articulating chinbar adds a lot of weight to the helmet. And even though Nolan did a good job at distributing that weight, its absence is still felt.

Its a lot quieter than the N103, with my windscreen in the same position I'd been using it in all winter, I'm riding 10-15mph faster to get the same level of noise I'd had with the 103.

Crosswinds and dirty air have a much greater effect than they do with the 103. I got used to it quickly, but the first time a gust caught my head and I swerved across the lane, I was a bit surprised.

The chin curtain definitely reduces the amount of air moving through the helmet, I was much more comfortable on the return trip with the curtain in than I was heading out without it. The temperature had dropped ~10 degrees during dinner, as well.

I bought mine from FC-Moto. Its a medium, the same size as my N-104. Its mostly comfortable, there are two mild pressure points on my forehead, I suspect those will break in and go away. I placed the order last Friday, by Saturday it was at the airport to go through customs and get loaded on a plane to NY. This past Saturday, it landed in NY and cleared customs. The helmet was delivered to my Eastern Ct address this afternoon. There were no import duties or unexpected fees.
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