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Originally Posted by pnw View Post
Costco sells Garmin Zumo 350LM 4.3" Motorcycle GPS for $599 after rebate. I donít need it so much for main roads but more for WABDR and the Oregon BDR (or whatever it is called). Does anyone know if forest service roads are on the maps?
I donít really want a GPS that will take days of research and fiddling around to get to work. My Nuvi car GPS has been a on road lifesaver at times but like all GPS software has its limitations so Iím not expecting perfection but for the cost of the Zumo I would hope for a good, functional and relatively easy to use product.
Does anyone know if Costco carries them in the warehouse rather than just online?
You need to have Track viewing and display-on-map capabilities if you are going to navigate any of the Backcountry Discovery Routes, including WABDR and OBDR. To my knowledge, the zumo 350LM does not have Track Import support - but then I don't own one so someone correct me please if I'm out of date with the 350LM capabilities.

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