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Originally Posted by alaninsea View Post
I'm currently looking at getting into the dirt, probably first taking a Rawhyde course later this year.

Riding in regular street riding boots and hiking boots right now, but looking at upgrading them now.

Looking at the SIDI Adventure Gore-tex and the older version of the Crossfire TA.

I'll probably be more into the 90% onroad 10% offroad (maybe once or twice a year big trips, side excursions on the weekends). I heard a lot of good things about the Crossfire protection offroad.

Does the Crossfire TA lean more towards an offroad boot only, or do people use it for their daily commute too?

Is this one of the areas you need to invest on 2 different boots?

Riding a GS with Panniers.


I have both boots, the adventure gortex are comfy and look like they would offer great protection, I remeber when I bought mine at the first real release, coming from a more street type boot, they seemed very stout, but in reality they allow too much movement to actually provide good protection when things go wrong. Anytime I hear someone say "these boots are great to walk in" I know they are far more likely to get foot injuries that those that say, "these are stiff to walk in", especially when your foot gets tangled up with your panniers. If you can take the tip of the toe of any boot and bend it back so it's 90 to the soul, that exactly what you foot can do too and all it takes to have you off your feet for months and in lots of pain.
The Crossfires are some of the most protective boots you can buy and have saved me countless times from injury.

I do still wear the adventures occasionally for short local rides, like going to grocery store, but usually wear the crossfires, even for just street rides after suffering from foot injuries with the adventures on from a simple very low speed fall they failed miserably to protect my foot. The CF's are comfy enough for me to wear all day, even for weeks on end while traveling and are far more comfortable to stand on the pegs for long periods of time, being much stiffer. I don't find them uncomfortable for the little bit of walking I do while on rides and they have been waterproof too.
I also have had to have the Adventures repaired a couple times with the leather stitching coming apart, so I also don't think they are good for the long haul.

The foot is very fragile and very exposed, foot injuries are easy to get anytime you ride a motorbike no matter where you ride, only you can to choose if walking comfort is more important than protection.
I choose protection from my painful experiences and the Adventures are proven to not offer enough for my needs.

Love my Crossfires.

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